Eyelid Sticker Review: Sure, it Seems Obvious Now

by Eoin Hudson January 08, 2014 0 Comments

A few weeks back I wrote a review of the Sonic Boom alarm clock. It worked. It worked very well. Too well. Some time has passed, I've regained nearly all my hearing, so I thought it would be a good time to review another innovative sleep product. Well, let me tell you dear readers, the choices are legion and confronted with such an assault of ingenuity I was left with no choice but to review, not one, but a selection of products. This blog is the first of a series of reviews.

Eyelid Stickers

"Why hasn't someone thought of these sooner?" I asked myself upon seeing the Eyelid Stickers. Some brilliant mind, while taking a break from solving the world's problems, combined weak adhesive and museum-quality realism to allow us noble working folk to take the odd nap at work. Sure, it sounds obvious once someone else has done it.

Eager to get started and properly tired from an all night bagpipe concert for insomniac awareness, I valiantly applied the Eyelid Stickers at my desk and got to sleeping. Two issues became clear right away. First, the artisans who made my Eyelid Stickers forgot eyelashes, an easy oversight I grant you. However; my new abundance of eyelashes below and complete lack of the same above diminished somewhat the hitherto anatomical perfection that had at first so impressed me. My apparent growth of two lush eye-beards was a bit disconcerting to my colleagues. However, undeterred, I pushed on into dreamland. This is where the second problem manifested.

Despite the Eyelid Stickers undeniably lifelike appearance and impressive attention to detail, they failed to keep me in the preferred upright and alert position my coworkers would expect to find in an awake working professional. Instead, locked firmly in the grips of the Sandman and gravity both, I slumped forward onto my keyboard. Couple that with the fact that I hadn't blinked in 20 minutes, and instead of getting in a surreptitious nap after lunch while appearing to be productive and efficient, I got rushed to the hospital after appearing to fall over dead at my desk.


Not good. Although the idea is solid, the execution leaves a little to be desired.

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson