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Would you sleep on styrofoam?

by Michael Schaefer April 11, 2016 0 Comments

Would  you sleep on styrofoam?

As they say - buyer beware.  This past week I had the chance to visit our local mattress recycling plant and see where crews disassemble and process 100's of used mattresses each week.  You'd think by now nothing would surprise me about mainstream, non-organic mattress manufacturing.  But check out the photo below : yes, you got it!  This high-end, individually pocketed coil mattress is encased in styrofoam!


Now there's nothing illegal about this.  But really, would you buy a mattress if you read the label and understood that this is what you were going to be sleeping on?

The good folks at Springback Recycling have put together a very nice display of all the components they find in mattresses.  Last year they recycled about 1 million pounds of steel (from springs), 750,000 lbs of mattress foams (typically recycled into carpet pad and insulation) and 55,000 lbs of yes, you got it - plastics.


At Soaring Heart we're committed to complete transparency about what's in our products and the costs to us as a community for the entire product lifecycle.  We never use plastics of any sort, and we pride ourselves on "going the extra mile" to provide you the best all organic sleep products that we can find.  It may sound simple - but thank you for helping us get the word out - it pays to read the label.

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer