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Our CERTIFIED organic sleep options just got better!

For 35 years Soaring Heart has been committed to bringing you the best selection of all natural and organic beds and sleep products.  Not only do we believe sleeping organic makes a difference in the quality of your comfort - we go the extra mile to make sure we can prove every one of our suppliers cares as much as we do!


            OMI - OrganicPedic Duo                         OMI - OrganicPedic 81-Zoned Comfort

This month we're announcing a new partnership with OMI - Organicpedics.  Based in northern California, we believe OMI's "Purity Guarantee" offers you a certified range of assurances that only a large scale manufacturing factory can provide.  Their owner, Walt Bader, wrote the book on toxins in the bedroom and we're happy to be the only retailer in the northwest bringing you OMI certified products.

Consumer beware – every day we see claims from suppliers and retailers about their natural and organic products.  Given the levels of greenwashing in the market place, and the lack of truly enforceable global standards, consumers have little choice but to do extensive homework.  Our hope is companies like ours, who go the extra mile and truly want to earn and keep your trust, stand apart in your shopping experience.  We believe certifications (like GOTS and GOLS) make a big difference - and competitors who can’t get certified will say all sorts of things to confuse their shoppers.

Bottom line:  at Soaring Heart we care how you sleep.  We know comfort is the number one concern of mattress shoppers.  And we’re working hard to educate our customers on the importance and benefits of comfortable, certified organic bedding.  While we may not be the biggest mattress store in town, we are committed to offering you the best selection, the best value and the best service.  With 35 years of customer testimonials, we're confident you won't be disappointed curling up in one of our beds! Stop by or call us today.



How Sleep Affects Children

Quality sleep is important for kids. But the benefits are never more apparent than during those first few weeks of the new school year. 

Whether they’re walking into a classroom for the first time, making the intimidating transition from middle school to high school or preparing to graduate, back to school can be a stressful time for children. And good, quality sleep can have a huge impact; affecting overall mood, behavior, perceived self-image, school performance and mental development. In fact, the University of Houston recently conducted a study in which, after just two nights of poor sleep, children derived less pleasure from positive things, were less reactive to them and less likely to recall details about these positive experiences later. Candice Alfano, a clinical psychologist and associate psychology professor at the University of Houston says healthy sleep is critical for children's psychological well-being. “Parents, therefore, need to think about sleep as an essential component of overall health in the same way they do nutrition, dental hygiene and physical activity. If your child has problems waking up in the morning or is sleepy during the day, then their nighttime sleep is probably inadequate. This can result for several reasons, such as a bedtime that is too late, non-restful sleep during the night or an inconsistent sleep schedule."

So what can you do to encourage healthy, restful sleep for your children? And how can Soaring Heart help?  It boils down to two key points. First, give them enough time for sleep. We can’t really do much to help you on that one. Second, create a healthful, restful environment for sleep. Now that’s our sweet spot.

Everything we do is designed to provide you with great sleep. Each mattress, mattress topper, comforter, pillow and pad we make is handcrafted with care from the finest organic and all natural ingredients we can find. Our experts can walk you through the options and help you choose the perfect bed and bedding combination to promote the best possible night’s sleep for your little ones. Visit our website for more information on our materials and the related health benefits. Better yet, bring your kids to the showroom. Make them part of the process, trying different mattresses, toppers and pillows for themselves. Let them help create their perfect sleep space. 

 We’re in Fremont and Bellevue and we’re here to help!

Mattress Shopping? Don't Forget to Read the Label!

Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivores Dilemma) came up with 7 food related rules to follow to facilitate a healthier lifestyle.  We, at Soaring Heart, believe two of those rules also apply to healthier sleep;

1st, don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.  “When you pick up that box of portable yogurt tubes, or eat something with 15 ingredients you can’t pronounce, ask yourself, “What are those things doing there?”

2nd, don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

This is great advice when shopping for groceries, as well as mattresses.  Most folks don’t know that every mattress on display in a mattress shop is supposed to have two labels attached.  For those of you who remember the old Serta commercial with the sheep getting sent to prison for ripping the tags off of the mattress, that’s what we’re talking about!  One tag details the contents of the mattress, similar to the nutritional labels on the side of the cereal box in your pantry.  The second specifies that the mattress has actually been tested in accordance with the 1633 federal flame regulations.  Below are a few examples of tags we’ve collected as part of our mattress recycling program that detail the “ingredients” of other beds out there.

The tag on the left comes from a very expensive, luxury, European mattress that we hauled away for a nice family that replaced it with a Linden.  This specific mattress retails for what used to cover a down payment on a house in Seattle and the tag notes all of its non-organic ingredients. The tag on the right is a Soaring Heart Organic Latex mattress and details the organic materials found in all of our collections. 

Bed Tag 1          
This brings us to our modification of Michael Pollan’s first rule.  

If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as something you could sleep on, you probably shouldn’t sleep on it.  

We took a poll of Soaring Heart grandmas to see if any of them knew what polyester and urethane were.  Most knew polyester for clothing but not bedding.  And none knew urethane.  

Next we have a tag from a 2 year old mattress we hauled away for a family that bought an Aspen, on the left.  They were put off when they realized they were sleeping on something called an “Enduralator Pad” and called us to find a healthier innerspring mattress option.  While this mattress came in at a desirable price point, it’s an example of a mattress that breaks our modification of Pollan’s second rule; don’t sleep on anything made of 5 or more ingredients.  Having 5 or more ingredients in a mattress can prove problematic.  As the mattresses ages, different materials have different break down rates. 


As the saying goes;

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Which is why our organic innerspring mattress, above on the right, only has three ingredients; organic cotton, organic wool and the innerspring.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can learn about a mattress by investigating its law tag.  Another important detail; where the mattress was actually made.  A customer came in after doing a lot of research on crib mattresses for her 3 month old.  We made her son a bassinet to sleep in for the first 3 months.  She decided to go with another company on the crib mattress, only to realize their claim of “made in America” wasn’t represented on the law tag, shown on the left.

        Additionally, because the 100% organic cotton case isn’t listed on the tag, she couldn’t even verify its materials.  According to the law tag, it’s just a shell made in China and filled in Canada with a Polyester fiber pad.  After more trouble than it was worth for a new mom, she was able to get a refund and purchased a crib mattress from Soaring Heart.  That tag is shown on the right.

The intention of this post is to empower folks to ask questions about the “ingredients” in their mattress the same way they ask what's in their Wheaties.  If a claim seems too good to be true, check the tag and remember the rules;

If your grandmother wouldn't recognize the ingredients or it has 5 or more ingredients, don't sleep on it!

Feel free to stop by our Fremont or Bellevue showrooms anytime for more tips on navigating your way to healthy, natural sleep.  We've been educating folks on the ins and outs of mattress buying since 1982.  And here’s the best part.  You get to try out the merchandise.  Take a test rest!  We encourage it!

Better sleep. What a great gift for Father's Day!

Soaring Heart Natural Beds Father's Day Promotion

It's that time of the year again! Dads work hard and deserve a little celebration on Father's Day! Let him sleep in, take him out to brunch, and then take it to the next level. Give Dad the gift of better sleep with Soaring Heart's certified organic pillows. Just use code "SUPERDAD" at checkout for $20 off of your pillow order! 


On top of that, we're taking 10% off all Holy Lamb Organic's Wool Comforters! Use code "UNDERCOVER" to save all month!

Learn more about the materials we use and the importance of natural, organic beds and bedding in the “Learn” section of our website. Better yet, stop into our Fremont or Bellevue showrooms to see for yourself.

Save Hundreds on Soaring Heart Organic Innerspring Mattresses

Soaring Heart Natural Beds Organic Innerspring Mattress

It’s the perfect time to upgrade to an organic innerspring mattress. Artisan craftsmen construct every innerspring mattress by hand, using layers of organic cotton and wool, and a unique coil system designed to flex twice as much as normal springs while reducing motion. Eyelets allow the mattress to breath, which keeps you cool and your mattress dry and clean. And the open-ended hourglass coils allow the mattress to perfectly conform to your body. Last but certainly not least, to support Soaring Heart's commitment to natural, sustainable materials, we meticulously vet our sources to ensure the highest standards are met; from the organic wool farmed from small family ranches, to the USA grown organic long-fiber cotton.

Through the end of May, we’re offering discounts on all sizes, including $500 off a queen and $750 off a king. You can find more information on the process and materials used in our organic innerspring mattresses on the Soaring Heart website. Better yet, stop into our Fremont or Bellevue showrooms and take one for a test nap. We know you’ll love it!

Give mom a nap for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Sale

It's that time of the year again! Really, you should treat mom like a queen year-round, but on Mother's Day especially! Get her flowers, take her out to brunch. And to show her how much you really love her, give her the gift of luxurious comfort with Soaring Heart's certified organic pillows.

Just use code "SUPERMOM" at checkout for 20% off of your entire pillow order through May 15th.

Would you sleep on styrofoam?

As they say - buyer beware.  This past week I had the chance to visit our local mattress recycling plant and see where crews disassemble and process 100's of used mattresses each week.  You'd think by now nothing would surprise me about mainstream, non-organic mattress manufacturing.  But check out the photo below : yes, you got it!  This high-end, individually pocketed coil mattress is encased in styrofoam!


Now there's nothing illegal about this.  But really, would you buy a mattress if you read the label and understood that this is what you were going to be sleeping on?

The good folks at Springback Recycling have put together a very nice display of all the components they find in mattresses.  Last year they recycled about 1 million pounds of steel (from springs), 750,000 lbs of mattress foams (typically recycled into carpet pad and insulation) and 55,000 lbs of yes, you got it - plastics.


At Soaring Heart we're committed to complete transparency about what's in our products and the costs to us as a community for the entire product lifecycle.  We never use plastics of any sort, and we pride ourselves on "going the extra mile" to provide you the best all organic sleep products that we can find.  It may sound simple - but thank you for helping us get the word out - it pays to read the label.