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Soaring Heart Cares

by Michael Schaefer August 29, 2011 0 Comments

At Soaring Heart we believe we all sleep better when our community cares for each other.  Volunteering to help those in need is an important part of our mission and we do what we can to encourage our team, our customers and our suppliers to give the gift of sound, peaceful sleep to all those in need.

This year, as part of our participation in our local United Way campaign's "Day of Caring" on September 16, we're closing down our shop early to focus on building pillows for donation to those in need.  Our team has already committed to build more than 100 pillows on the 16th, with the primary recipient being the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center's "Pete Gross House," which provides long-term comfortable and supportive living accommodations for cancer patients and families who are not from the Seattle area.

At Soaring Heart we take the time to build in love and care in all our products.  We are grateful for almost 30 years of customer support - and welcome you to stop by anytime to shop, say hello, or just share hugs!

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer