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Traditional Japanese Bedding at Soaring Heart

by Michael Schaefer September 03, 2011 0 Comments

The Japanese have been sleeping on traditional firm bedding for centuries, because they realize the benefits that bedding can have for your neck, back, and overall health. Here at Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company, we offer the complete traditional Japanese set for you to improve your body’s alignment in sleep.

The traditional Japanese bedding set includes the buckwheat pillow, which is firm and supports the curvature of the spine. This set also incorporates a cotton mattress pad, which is used to protect the thin and firm shikibuton. The traditional tatami mat is made from compressed rice straw. It has a little give but is still firm and supportive. All of these products rest on the tatami frame, which completes the set! If you are experiencing neck or back problems, a firm Japanese bed may be the perfect solution to ease your aches and pains.

Japanese bedding and other natural bedding is very easy to take care of in order to maintain its quality. Traditionally the Japanese fold up their tatami every day, which allows it to air out and hold its shape. Just fold lengthwise into thirds, and set your pillow on top to hold it down. This will also let you show off your tatami during the day.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company supplies the entire traditional Japanese bedding set made from eco-friendly and all natural products. Our experts in Seattle will help you choose the best products for you so that you have the best sleep possible. explore our website to view all of our natural bedding products, or contact us at 202-282-1717 or 877-288-1717 for more information today! Sleep well.

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer