Traditional Buckwheat Pillows for Your Natural Bed

by Andrew Himes September 03, 2011 0 Comments

Buckwheat is a pillow fill that has certainly stood the test of time. The origin of the buckwheat hull pillow stems back thousands of years to the Orient, possibly to ancient Egypt.  The buckwheat pillow has gained popularity across the globe, for many good reasons!

The buckwheat pillow allows your neck to align with your spine very easily due its malleable firmness.  We make our buckwheat pillow in 4 different sizes, one of which can conform to anyone’s needs.  Buckwheat will also sleep cool in warmer times as it breathes easily and won’t hold moisture; this quality reduces the risk of dust mite infestations as well. A buckwheat pillow can easily be used for 5 to 10 years. As long as the hull is intact and not crumbled, it’s usable.  Just put the pillow in the sun from time to time to evaporate any moisture accumulation.

Our buckwheat hull is grown and roasted - the ideal way to cleanse the buckwheat - in the Midwest.  Each pillow comes with a zippered organic cotton case which allows you to take some out if it’s too lofty for you. We love our buckwheat pillows and think you will too!

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Andrew Himes
Andrew Himes