Free Shipping On all Orders over $300 (excluding frames and furniture)

November 01, 2015 0 Comments

With the holidays quickly approaching you’ve probably started thinking about family visitors and, more importantly, sleeping arrangements. Typically you sleep on the unforgiving couch in the basement while your beloved guests enjoy the luxury of your handpicked mattress. We know the holidays are a time for giving, but enough is enough, this year can be different.

This holiday season we’re offering a variety of ways to save on guest bedding for everyone’s needs. When you purchase a child’s bedroll, you receive a free pillow. Buy a futon mattress, receive a decorative cover, or purchase from the Tamarack guest bed collection and receive two free pillows.

Our Bedrolls are moisture-resistant and built for longevity. They’re versatile and easy to transport, whether used for travel, camping or moving from one room to the next. Our futons are moisture, mildew and dust mite resistant and also have thermal regulating properties. Both of these products are handcrafted from organic materials including cotton, Dunlop latex, and wool.

The Tamarack collection marries the organic latex mattress with our organic wool mattress topper to provide just the right amount of support and comfort for the best sleep possible.

As you’re preparing your holiday plans and dreading the lack of sleep you’re about to experience, keep us in mind. We’re happy to help with sleep options for you and your guests!