Yup - USDA Certified Cotton means alot to Soaring Heart!

by Michael Schaefer December 09, 2015 0 Comments

At Soaring Heart Natural Beds, our mission is to provide safe, natural, comfortable bedding. Much of that begins with cotton selection.


How do we know Soaring Heart cotton is top grade? Because all of it is independently tested and graded by the USDA at one of their ten inspection plants located throughout the United States.


Samples are taken from each bale as it leaves the cotton gin and packaged for shipment to a plant like this one outside of Lubbock, TX.  


The samples are then sorted on a conveyor belt and sent to teams of inspectors who test it for moisture content, fiber length and quality. With millions of cotton bales processed every year, these inspection plants are very busy places.


Independent grading like this is critical not only for quality standardization, but for pricing and shipping safety. Bales of cotton packed incorrectly have been known to quietly smolder and burn—an unlikely occurrence these days, but something every shipper wants to prevent. Clean, healthy cotton is something Soaring Heart can guarantee as every bale is packed, independently tested and labeled as it leaves the plant and ships to our door.


We are thankful for the hard work and conscientiousness of all the employees at every plant we do business with. We couldn't provide natural bedding without them!


Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer