The Pillow Test: This Could Change Your Life

by Eoin Hudson February 23, 2012 0 Comments

It has come to our attention that society as a whole has a lack of interest in pillows.  We here at Soaring Heart are having a hard time conceiving the notion that people wouldn't be excited, engaged, enthusiastic, and overall deeply in love with the entire idea and philosophy of pillowdom.  Dave (the guy who makes most of our pillows) alone has a collection of pillows so extensive that his neighborhood committee is bringing him up on zoning charges and Jeff (logistics) can be routinely spotted walking his pillows in Gasworks Park.  We do recommend regularly walking your pillows as exercise is important.

We have decided collectively that America's non-love affair with pillows must be psychological as the various physical benefits, such as glossier and more radiant hair, are self evident.  We have devised a simple test that will help diagnose these problems.

Below is an Inkblot test.  Click the answer that best describes what you see to get a free diagnosis and prescription.  We're talking about your health, so let's try to keep things serious.

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson