The Truth About Fire Retardants

by Eoin Hudson June 07, 2012 0 Comments


Recently there have been many articles and numerous websites cropping up about the use of fire retardants in the mattress industry Unfortunately, most of these articles and websites are untrue or misinformed. We have always been big proponents of openness and clarity at Soaring Heart, so we’d like to set a few things straight. common misconception is that the government requires mattress manufacturers to use chemicals in their mattresses. This is completely untrue. What they require is that every mattress passes two separate burn tests, one with a lit cigarette, and one with a blow torch. That is it. They don't care what is used to make it pass, as long as it passes. In fact, the main restrictions they have are on certain chemicals that are not allowed to be used.

All of our mattresses use 100% natural and organic material fire barriers such as wool and special cotton blends. A few sites have claimed, however, that wool cannot pass the burn test. This is also false. We use a very dense felted wool, with almost no fuel load, which requires no additional chemicals. So, to be clear: Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company doesn't use any synthetic or PBDE fire retardants. No synthetics, no nasty chemicals. Pure. Simple. Comfort

For more information about fire retardant laws and our mattresses, feel free to give us a call anytime.

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson