Consumer Reports Rates Mattress Shopping!

by Michael Schaefer August 02, 2012 0 Comments

Kudos to Consumer Reports (August 2012 print issue, July 2012 on line) for reviewing what makes great sleep - and great mattress shopping. We agree that mattress shopping is confusing--and many price matching or sales promotions are meaningless. We also got a laugh out of their recommendation to lie on any mattress you want to buy for "at least 10 minutes" in the store. 10 minutes? Heck, we'd argue that you should lie around for more than hour - take a nap, bring a book when you shop. I know it takes me more than 10 minutes to kick back and relax, regardless of where I am.

Interestingly, the first 3 pages of this 5 page article are all about what makes great sleep. After surveying more than 26,000 readers all sorts of insightful data comes up - including something we've suspected all along: more than 60% of us have problems falling asleep or walking up feeling relaxed more than 3 nights a week!  Wow - that's sure a huge impact on our lives.

Without repeating all the data in the article, CR's "5 Shopping Strategies" are worth noting:

  1. Start out by trying the least expensive model that meets your needs - and then work your up in cost.
  2. You might think the firmest beds are best, but medical studies haven't concluded that they're better.  And what's labeled "firm" in one store is not going to be the same in any other. 
  3. Ask about trial periods, return policies and restocking and pickup fees before buying.  Some retailers that rate high on price don't rate so well on service for just these reasons.
  4. Inspect on delivery.  Insist on replacement if there are any stains or damage.
  5. Don't buy a mattress without a label.  Make sure the label states "all new material."

While Soaring Heart didn't expect to be reviewed along with the Sealy's, Serta's, Sleep Train's and Ikea's of the world, we are confident that our hand-made products rank right up there in comfort. durability and craftsmanship.  Plus you get our added commitment to all natural, organic bedding that the rest of the market is still trying to figure out.  One Consumer Report recommendation worth repeating:  "Price guarantees really don't guarantee much.  If you prefer not to play those games, buy from a retailer that sells its own mattress brands."

For 30 years we've been ahead of the market by focusing on what makes great sleep, and how our craftsmanship and attention to detail are going to provide enduring quality in ways the big box stores have yet to discover.  We thank you for your business and welcome your comments on Consumer Report's findings.


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Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer