Dear Soaring Heart

by Eoin Hudson August 23, 2012



Dear Soaring Heart, 

Every morning I wake up with back pain. How can I make it stop?

~Sore Back in Saskatchewan



Dear Sore Back,

Unfortunately, this is not a simple problem although it is a pervasive one. According to The Better Sleep Council, 81% of Americans report waking up with back pain. So, you're not alone. The Better Sleep Council recommends getting a new mattress.

"According to Dr. Jacobson's study, published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics, sleeping on a new mattress can significantly improve sleep quality during the night and reduce physical pain during the day."

That's their opinion. What I suggest is fully removing your spine and replacing it with organic Dunlop Latex.

First of all, you have removed the offending body part; that will stop the current pain. Replacing it with Dunlop latex will prevent pain from reoccurring. I've worked with this material for a while now and people never have sore bones when they sleep on it, so having it as your bones should be even better.

In fact, replace all your bones with organic Dunlop latex. Latex is supple and supportive, so you'll never have stiff bones again! 

Now I have been told repeatedly by Soaring Heart legal council that I must, at this point, explain that the views expressed in these blogs are not the views of the company... blah, blah, blah. I look forward to reading more of your questions.

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson


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