Very Important Pillow Fact: Fact 4

by Eoin Hudson September 19, 2012 0 Comments

Goodness, how long has it been since we've done a pillow fact? Well, I say it's been too long! Therefore, let's roll out Extremely Important Pillow Fact 4.

Fact:  Although there are numerous varieties of down pillows, there are no - and I've looked - up pillows.

Now you're probably doing exactly what I did: scratching your head, questioning why--questioning a lot of things.  I want to look further into this Da Vinci Code-like mystery. This can only be a conspiracy of the highest level, a secret buried so deep only insanely thin strings of logic and massive leaps of inference will uncover them. Who doesn't want up pillows getting out? What is it about up pillows that makes them so dangerous?  Why can they not be released to the public?

I don't know about you, folks, but I can already hear the theme music playing and I'm just itching to throw on my Deer Stalker--the world deserves answers  and I will get to the bottom of this.  I'm delving into that shadowy underworld the truth calls home., Cloaked figures and overcoat-wearing shadow dwellers, beware.

Tune in next week for the dramatic conclusion... or possibly  for a completely unrelated post!



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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson