Great Pillows For Cancer Care!

by Michael Schaefer September 24, 2012

Thank you to the 30 kids who volunteered to build pillows for Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as part of Friday's annual United Way Day of Caring. You can only imagine the fun that results when you combine 300 lbs of our top quality organic pillow fill with 80 pillow cases and kids bursting with enthusiasm. The mission of the Hutch School, is to serve kids and their families who are receiving treatments either at the Hutch or Seattle's Cancer Care Alliance. Rest assured our hearts go out to these kids and their families.

Teamwork was clearly the message that carried the day. Soaring Heart staff showed up bright and early at the school with a truckload of giant boxes stuffed with pillow filling. School staff and our Soaring Heart experts quickly divided the kids into teams and an assembly line was created with kids pretty much everywhere. (For some reason, kids seem to be very comfortable with "controlled chaos" production methods!). Kids weighed 3lbs of fill for each pillow, carefully placed completed pillows in our recyclable plastic wrappings, and included a little note with each pillow explaining how each was made with the purest, non-allergenic ingredients we could find. And oh yes, the kids helped clean up the place too!

Let your heart soar as you check out these photos of today's volunteer work. We sure hope these kids will brighten your day as much as ours. And if you ever want to learn more about the secrets of how we build all kinds of great pillows - check out our website or visit our shop. We've got plenty of pillow enthusiasm here on our Soaring Heart staff to share too!

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Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer


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