Seattle Seahawks Kicker, Steven Hauschka, Visits Soaring Heart Natural Beds

Seattle Seahawks Kicker, Steven Hauschka, Visits Soaring Heart Natural Beds

by Cameron Wicker December 21, 2015

Photo: Seattle Seahawk Steven Hauschka with Soaring Heart Natural Beds Owner, Mike Schaefer

We’ve all seen Steven Hauschka warming up on the sidelines, planking, even doing the worm as a core exercise! But what you’ve haven’t seen is Hauschka’s ultimate pre-game preparation: a great night of sleep on a Soaring Heart Natural Bed!

That’s right, Steven Hauschka sleeps on a Soaring Heart organic mattress. He’s such a fan, he visited the Bellevue showroom on Saturday, greeting other customers and even enjoying some pre-game R&R and a guitar serenade.


We can’t take all the credit, but we do like to think we contributed to his perfect game against the Cleveland Browns the following day. Hauschka was 3/3 on field goals and 3/3 on extra points, scoring 12 points in the 30-13 Seahawks victory. That's what a healthy, restorative sleep can do.

Go Hawks! Go Hauschka! Go Soaring Heart!


Cameron Wicker
Cameron Wicker


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