Our Green Supply Chain

by Ashley Roof November 05, 2019

Great suppliers = great products!  We know that having a personal relationship with our suppliers helps.  When a vendor understands that we really do want to go the "extra mile" for a certified organic product, or a sustainably harvested crop - we are often amazed at the stories they have to tell us. 



We are fortunate to have long term relationships with suppliers, some lasting decades, that give us the confidence we need to assure you of the safety and integrity of everything we build.  Very often the batches of products we purchase are hand-selected.  When our bales of cotton or wool are processed or packaged for delivery, it's often the first run of the day - when the equipment and warehouses are cleaned to an organic spec and freshly tested for compliance.

When you and your family cuddle up in our products for sleep - you can rest assured we (and our suppliers) stand behind every stitch, every ingredient we use.  If you're not happy - for any reason - we want to hear about it.  Every mattress we make is hand-signed, we know the date, the time, the builder who checked everything that went into your bed.  Our organic certifications also require us to be able to track the exact date and origin of all the wool, cotton or latex that went into your bed.  We love being able to provide this level of commitment and transparency - and we also know that not many manufacturers can do what we do.

The Soaring Heart difference is something you can count on!

Ashley Roof
Ashley Roof


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