Pillowing Onward

by Andrew Himes March 22, 2012

 A pillow poem by Rumi

You who are not kept anxiously awake for love's sake, sleep on. 
In restless search for that river, we hurry along; 
you whose heart such anxiety has not disturbed, sleep on. 
Love's place is out beyond the many separate sects; 
since you love choosing and excluding, sleep on. 
Love's dawn cup is our sunrise, his dusk our supper; 
you whose longing is for sweets and whose passion is for supper, sleep on. 
In search of the philosopher's stone, we are melting like copper; 
you whose philosopher's stone is cushion and pillow, sleep on. 
I have abandoned hope for my brain and head; you who wish for 
a clear head and fresh brain, sleep on. 
I have torn speech like a tattered robe and let words go; 
you who are still dressed in your clothes, sleep on.

-- Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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Andrew Himes
Andrew Himes


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