Soaring Heart Gives Back to the Community

"At Soaring Heart we believe we all seep better knowing we are part of healthy, caring communities."

- Mike Schaefer, Owner, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Co.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is dedicated to making our community as healthy as our mattresses and bedding. Whether we volunteer to build and donate bedding for good causes, or make direct year-end donations to causes supported by our team, we are grateful to be able to do our part.

1% Goal

One of Soaring Heart's goals is to direct 1% or our annual gross to charitable causes. 1% may sound like just another number, but for a small business like ours, this represents a huge commitment from our entire team, as well as our customers and suppliers, to volunteer time, increase efficiency, and take on community work.  For more information contact



Every quarter Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company holds a community event dedicated towards a charitable organizations such as Seattle Children’s Hospital or Fred Hutch Cancer Center’s Pete Gross House. These events are often pillow builds where volunteers and Soaring Heart employees build pillows for those in need or those who deserve our thanks (like the nurses at Seattle Children's' Hospital).


Soaring Heart has endowed several scholarships to fund students in a variety of areas of study.  The Soaring Heart Scholarship at Seattle's Pride Foundation funds students working in the area of mental health and compassionate care. At Bastyr University we fund a student in their naturopathic program who has an interest in studying sleep.  We also have long relationship with Seattle Central Community College where we support students studying sewing/apparel design as well as small business management.  While these institutions make all decisions regarding the award of scholarships, we are happy to support tomorrow's leaders! 

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While we may not have the resources to help everyone, we are committed to doing our part to provide great sleep for many of those facing life challenges in the communities we serve.  We know the comfort you feel surrounded by our hand-crafted bedding may not cure all aches and pains – but we certainly hope your heart will soar when you know every stitch surrounding you has been placed there by someone who cares.