Personalized Comfort

We understand that the comfort needs of each individual are completely unique. This is one of the many reasons we specialize in a layered sleep system. When it comes to choosing a topper, how do you know what style will best suit your unique comfort needs? Whether you are looking to bring a new life to your old mattress, or shopping for a new bed entirely, follow along with our shopping guide below to find your perfect match.

Wool Toppers

Our organic wool toppers are a great addition for any bed. Whether you sleep with our two-inch topper or deluxe four-inch topper, you will find great comfort in the enhanced support provided to your back and knees, in addition to the other amazing benefits of wool. A natural insulator, wool is great for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer for year-round comfort. Beyond temperature regulation, you can also find relief from allergies and skin sensitivities--our organic wool is naturally non-allergenic, free of chemicals, and dust-mite proof. Wool toppers nestle the body and add softness while not comprimising the support of your mattress. Because wool is motion isolating, it is also compatible with any mattress type.



Latex Toppers

Made from soft density latex, our organic latex toppers are optimized for providing pressure point relief. While wool toppers provide more of a nestling softness, latex toppers cradle your body in a supportive floating senstation, which provides forgiving support for your back, hips, knees, and shoulders. We pair our organic latex toppers with a thin layer of organic wool for shock absorption for people that move during their sleep. As a natural rubber, latex is less motion isolating than our wool toppers, and are best suited for mattresses without coils.

Combination Toppers

To experience the best of what organic materials have to offer, look no further. Our organic Royale topper features the same 2" latex core in our latex topper, wrapped in 2" of luxurious organic wool on either side for a total 6" profile. This topper is recommended for any mattress type, and anyone looking to add a plush softness to their sleep system. Enjoy the temperature regulation, motion isolation, and allergy relief of a wool topper, and pressure point relief of the latex topper all in one.  

Still can't decide? We're here to help.