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Deluxe Organic Wool Mattress Topper

Size Guide

Deluxe Wool Topper Size


  *Weight *Size
Twin 16 39 X 75 X 4
Twin XL 18 39 X 80 X 4
Full 23 54 X 75 X 4
Queen 27 60 X 80 X 4
King 36 76 X 80 X 4
Cal King 36 72 X 84 X 4

  • Everyone has the right to put a little luxury in their lives—or in the case of the Deluxe Organic Wool Topper—a lot of luxury. Twice the amount of wool than the Organic Wool Mattress Topper, the Deluxe Organic Wool Mattress Topper cradles the body, turning any mattress into a personal paradise. Sorry--getting out of the bed in the morning just got harder. In a good way.

    Multiple layers of Premium organic wool batting, a blend of eight breeds of sheep’s wool, are layered and then hand-tufted inside of a silky-soft organic cotton sateen case. This extra thick mattress topper is perfect for side sleepers and people who suffer from joint and muscle pain, alleviating stress on the joints by elevating the body and easing strain on pressure points.

    Wool is naturally insulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and makes sinking into the Deluxe Organic Wool Topper the highlight of your day every day of the year. When matched with wool's dust mite and mildew resistance--well, you can see why we love it so much.

    Soaring Heart's mattress toppers were designed with our own mattress supports in mind, but will work wonderfully on any standard size mattress, instantly making an old bed feel like new again. Place on top of the mattress, but under the mattress pad (we recommend an all natural or organic pad) and sheets, where it will stay securely in place on your bed night after night.  To see measurements, click the size guide button above.


  • When we say all natural and organic, we mean it. Since 1982 Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company has been making mattresses and bedding using time-tested techniques, honed and polished over three decades. Soaring Heart makes everything by hand and uses only the highest quality, certified organic, materials available.

    Soaring Heart works closely with our suppliers.  We travel to their operations, getting to know them and their materials.  We collaborate with our suppliers so we can meet and exceed our exacting standards. We take huge pride in our products and in all the people behind them.

    It's because of these special relationships with our suppliers and their wonderful organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton and their commitment to upholding organic certifications that we aren’t forced to spoil our products with chemicals or synthetics. No Soaring Heart product has any chemical-based foam or synthetic fire retardants whatsoever.

    Our latex is made from pure rubber tree sap, we use organic wool as our fire barrier and it is selected from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand, and our Cotton is 100% organically grown in the cotton fields of Texas. Nothing but good, honest organic materials provided by good, honest people.

    The wool and cotton encasements in this product are GOTS certified.


  • Use an All Natural Mattress Pad For Prevention

    To prevent body moisture from getting into your bed (which can prematurely compress and harden the natural fibers and make your bed lumpy and uncomfortable), always sleep with one of our all natural organic cotton pads . Don't use a poly-blend pad. They aren't absorbent and can cause you to perspire more during sleep. Wash and dry your natural mattress pad with your sheets. Make sure the pad is completely dry before putting it back on your bed, and your mattress will stay clean and healthy for years to come.

    Flip & Rotate

    Mattress toppers are designed to be fluffy and soft and therefore are susceptible to compression. Flip your mattress topper every other week (whenever you change your sheets) for long lasting comfort.

    Give Your Bed a Sun Bath

    A couple times a year, on a sunny day, put your futon, shikibuton, or topper outside in the sun for an hour or two on each side. It's like giving your bed a natural dry-cleaning. The sun fluffs and revitalizes the fibers, discourages microbial growth, and evaporates any residual moisture. Does not apply to latex - latex can be deteriorated by sunlight.

    Revitalization Services

    Even if you lovingly follow all the steps listed above, there may come a day when your natural bed doesn't feel quite as comfortable as it originally did. In that case, feel free to click the button below to send us information about your product so we can schedule a revitalization time. Often times, all that's necessary to bring new life to your faithful futon is a few new layers of cotton or wool, and that can cost significantly less than a new bed. We do need to see it in person so we can assess what needs to be done, but once we figure it out we can usually finish the revitalization that same day.

    For customers outside the Seattle Area who want to ship the item for revitalization services, simply put the item in a box, pay for shipping to our Seattle location and we will pay the shipping to return your revitalized item to you.

    Schedule a Revitalization

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Terri Campbell
I can sleep again…

Love my wool mattress topper. It fit my bed perfectly and it’s worth every penny I spent. I weigh about 105 lbs and my mattress was getting too hard on my bones so took a chance on the 4” topper and it’s exactly what I needed.

Apollo Moonfire
Top Quality Product for Top Quality Sleep

My sleep is more comfortable with the topper. I had been sleeping with only the shikabuton on my tatami mad bed. It was great, because I like a firm mattress, but I was needing something a bit softer, cozier. The topper did the trick. What's great is that I could test it in the store, starting with the least fluffy option and working my way up. It's quality crafted backed with quality sales and knowledge. I made a good choice, and without reservation recommend Soaring Heart to everyone.

Nancy Sander
Deluxe organic wool topper

We love this topper. It has been like sleeping on a cloud, but a cloud with gentle support. Fabulous!!

Judith Gattinella
Wonderful sleeping experience

Our first purchase of the Deluxe Organic Wool Mattress Topper was as part of the Linden mattress set. We loved it so much we purchased a second one to put into our camping trailer for continued wonderful sleep! It's 4" thick and is easy to maintain it's shape with regular rolling up on the days that the bedding is changed. We are both side sleepers and we find it to be very comfortable for both of us even with our histories of back and hip pain. We are so happy we found Soaring Heart! We started our shopping at the start of the pandemic, but their phone support was fantastic and the order was delivered in a 'touch less' manner within the promised manufacture/delivery time.

Heather G.
Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper

This has been a great investment to my nights' sleep. The wool topper is of great quality, is easy to clean, helps regulate my body temperature during rest, and I feel relieved that my body isn't absorbing any endocrine-disrupting or carcinogenic chemicals from it. Wool is a classic bed addition (my father used 6 sheepskins under his sheets- I prefer this singular topper pad), and Soaring Heart is a company that delivers quality- which is worth supporting in this day of misleading marketing tactics for inferior products at similar prices. I'm a fan, and ever so glad for my sleep investment!

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