Organic Bolster Inserts

Organic Bolster Inserts

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  • Our handmade bolster inserts are encased in untreated organic cotton canvas, tightly packed with 100% organic cotton fill, and they're firm, firm, firm. Our natural bolsters are great for resting your elbows on when sitting on the sofa, wonderful for providing excellent lumbar support when sitting up in bed, and are a easy way to add a little natural decor to your room without breaking the bank. Some folks even like to use them without a decorative cover, but we recommend getting removable covers that you can wash, just in case.

  • Our organic cotton blend successfully passes all federal flame testing without having ANYTHING added to it. No boric acid, no chemicals of any kind. We are very proud to be using the highest-quality organic cotton, grown right here in the US. The cotton batting is composed of 60% staple fibers and 40% mote. You’re not just paying a premium for an organic certification; this cotton uses the superior staple fiber as opposed to linter which is often used in bedding.

    This superior blend is best for bedding as it holds up very well over time with minimal felting or compression. When purchasing an organic cotton futon or shikibuton, it's important to note that the organic cotton batting starts out much fluffier than standard cotton, so your bed might not start out feeling as firm as you're used to. Organic cotton batting will compact down and become pleasantly firm after a short while.

    Organic certification


    For more information, please see our certifications page.

  • Each bolster measures 22" x 8", give or take half an inch.


  • Do not attempt to wash any pillows, zabuton, decorative pillow or bedroll inserts that are made with cotton batting or wool batting. They may be gently spot cleaned with water and mild detergent or rubbing alcohol if necessary, but don't try to remove them or put them in the washing machine.

    Be sure to protect your pillow from dust, stains, and other containment's with a Soaring Heart 100% Organic Cotton Zabuton, Bolster, Decorative Throw or Bedroll Cover.

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