Organic Zabuton Inserts

Organic Zabuton Inserts

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Zabutons are traditionally used as meditation cushions, but our comfy and supportive Organic Zabutons can also be used for less spiritual pursuits; such as watching television or reading. Our Zabutons are filled with 100% organic, American grown, long fiber cotton and are encased in 100% organic cotton sateen. Organic Cotton Zabutons will have about 4-5 inches of loft when brand new and compress down to about 3 inches with use. Organic Latex Zabutons will remain a constant 3 inches.


  • Large zabutons measure 24' X 24" with a 3" box corner
  • Small zabutons measure 18" X 18" with a 3" box corner

Don't forget to purchase a washable cotton cover to protect and beautify your zabuton insert!

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