Celebrating Mothers, kids & great beds!

by Michael Schaefer May 17, 2012 0 Comments

Somehow we figured we couldn't go wrong by inviting Mom's to come on down and celebrate Mother's Day with their kids, our beds and some fun photo opportunities.  And judging from our photos - I think we were right - there's lots of family fun to be had curled up in our beds!  Life's simple pleasures seem to win out again.

Our thanks also go the great band we had on site for the afternoon  - it's always fun to spice up our shopping experience with live music.  While we didn't record their summertime jazz for "web broadcast" you can rest assured that our afternoon was lively.  Heck, it's sort of fun to dance your way around the shop while trying out our hand made mattresses, pillows and comforters!  Certainly we're doing our best to demonstrate that shopping in our store can't compare with anywhere else on your list.

Stay tuned for future events.  And feel free to send along ideas, comments or testimonials on any of our products.  We are thankful for your support, and it's always a pleasure to share our gratitude with our on-line friends (and moms!) anyway we can.  

Mike Schaefer, Owner, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company

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Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer