Reading in bed has gotten so much easier!

by Michael Schaefer October 10, 2016 0 Comments

Soaring Heart Adjustable Bed

Ever wonder what the story is behind these new adjustable bed frames? No, they're not hospital beds or massage tables - but it sure is nice to have some simple options for improving our sleep positions, reducing snoring and having fun with dual remote controls!

We've been busy hunting around to find what we believe is the simplest, most reliable adjustable frame we can find.  And Reverie, with an assembly plant in rural Eden, NY is hands-down our favorite choice.

This week we visited their plant and learned lots about their products and customer services.  First, would you believe there are 22 patents covering all the components of their bed frame mechanisms?  Plus - there's a 26 point quality checklist every unit must pass before shipping to your door. Yes, mechanical components are manufactured in Taiwan, but all the assembly and quality control is done right here in the US.  All customer service calls are handled in Eden (a town of 7800 along the east shore of Lake Erie).

Adjustable Bed

Comfort seekers beware - these new adjustable frames will change your life (often without requiring you to replace your existing mattress!).  Adjustable units can be ordered to fit within your existing wooden bed frame - and we will haul away your current box spring or wooden platform/slats for free.

Got a snorer in your life? The customized snore button on each remote gently lifts a sleepers head and effortlessly opens air passageways. While it's not foolproof for everyone - years of customer testimonials sure rave about this feature.  

Next time you're tossing or turning in bed, check out our website or shoot us an email for  more information about our Reverie adjustable bed frames - you won't regret it!

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer